Monday, January 31, 2011

Giveaway: The Murderer's Daughters

Summary: Lulu and Merry's childhood was never ideal, but on the day before Lulu's tenth birthday their father drives them into a nightmare. He's always hungered for the love of the girls’ self-obsessed mother; after she throws him out, their troubles turn deadly.

Lulu had been warned to never to let her father in, but when he shows up drunk, he's impossible to ignore. He bullies his way past Lulu, who then listens in horror as her parents struggle. She runs for help, but discovers upon her return that he's murdered her mother, stabbed her five-year-old sister, and tried, unsuccessfully, to kill himself.

Lulu and Merry are effectively orphaned by their mother’s death and father’s imprisonment, but the girls’ relatives refuse to care for them and abandon them to a terrifying group home. Even as they plot to be taken in by a well-to-do family, they come to learn they’ll never really belong anywhere or to anyone—that all they have to hold onto is each other. 

For thirty years, the sisters try to make sense of what happened. Their imprisoned father is a specter in both their lives, shadowing every choice they make. One spends her life pretending he's dead, while the other feels compelled, by fear, by duty, to keep him close. Both dread the day his attempts to win parole may meet success.

A beautifully written, compulsively readable debut, The Murderer's Daughters is a testament to the power of family and the ties that bind us together and tear us apart. -- St. Martin's

A few weeks ago, I reviewed a fantastic book called THE MURDERER'S DAUGHTERS by Randy Susan Meyers. I mentioned in my review that I loved the character development, and I thought it would make a terrific book club pick.

Thanks to the publisher, I have a paperback copy of THE MURDERER'S DAUGHTERS to share with one lucky reader. To enter, just fill out the form below before Sunday, February 13th at 11:59 p.m. ET. I will randomly select and notify the winner the following day. This contest is open to those of you with U.S. and Canada mailing addresses only. Good luck!


bermudaonion said...

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Way cool to be able to pass along a book you really liked. And for you to send me links, too! I've got this posted at West of Mars Win a Book -- with my thanks for the e-mail. As always.