Thursday, August 20, 2009

Publicist Claire McKinney, of SallyAnne McCartin & Associates, recently contacted me about a new project she is working on called It's a newly launched Web site that focuses on marketing and selling self-published books.

Here's a little bit about the site straight from Claire's e-mail:

Since leaving my Publicity Director job at a big name publishing house and having spent almost all of my career in one of the major houses, I've been pleasantly surprised and awed by the amount of fabulous books out there that I never knew about. These people have been flying a bit under the radar, but will change all of that. Also, the people who buy books from our site will be a part of a community of readers that have access to things that others don't through mainstream sales channels (like Barnes & Noble, Costco, etc.) We plan to offer discounts to independent booksellers too so that if they decide down the road to carry copies of these books and purchase them through us, it will make sense moneywise to do so.

We are also starting a companion magazine called The Indie Reader which will have regular columns from independent bookstores, celebrities, agents, authors, journalists, and we are hoping book clubs too, all about indie culture and indie books.

I think is a great idea and I was definitely impressed with it. I am looking forward to watching this site grow in the next few months, and I am especially interested in the IR Zine. Why don't you take a look and let me know what you think?


Beth F said...

Is the focus going to be on self-published books or on small indie presses? The website didn't list ISBN numbers for the books I clicked on.

I know that there are some fantastic self-published books out there, but the lack of professional editing usually causes me to go running by about page 10. I'll keep my eye on this project and see how it all works out.

Jenners said...

Sounds pretty neat. I'm going to bookmark this and check it out when I have a little more time. Thanks for the info.