Thursday, July 2, 2009

Walk the Red Carpet at Pope Joan Movie Premiere

Summary: Soon to be a major motion picture from the company that brought you The Name of the Rose

"Pope Joan has all the elements one wants in a historical drama–love, sex, violence, duplicity, and long-buried secrets. Cross has written an engaging book."–Los Angeles Times Book Review

For a thousand years her existence has been denied. She is the legend that will not die–Pope Joan, the ninth-century woman who disguised herself as a man and rose to become the only female ever to sit on the throne of St. Peter. Now in this riveting novel, Donna Woolfolk Cross paints a sweeping portrait of an unforgettable heroine who struggles against restrictions her soul cannot accept.

Brilliant and talented, young Joan rebels against medieval social strictures forbidding women to learn. When her brother is brutally killed during a Viking attack, Joan takes up his cloak–and his identity–and enters the monastery of Fulda. As Brother John Anglicus, Joan distinguishes herself as a great scholar and healer. Eventually, she is drawn to Rome, where she becomes enmeshed in a dangerous web of love, passion, and politics. Triumphing over appalling odds, she finally attains the highest office in Christendom–wielding a power greater than any woman before or since. But such power always comes at a price . . .

In this international bestseller, Cross brings the Dark Ages to life in all their brutal splendor and shares the dramatic story of a woman whose strength of vision led her to defy the social restrictions of her day. -- Three Rivers Press

A lot of exciting things happened to me when I was at BEA, but I can definitely say that meeting authors was a huge highlight. After I finished the Blogger Panel on Saturday afternoon, I had the honor of meeting Donna Woolfolk Cross. She came up to our group and mentioned that she enjoyed our panel. She also said that she had written a historical fiction novel awhile back called POPE JOAN and that it was being re-released in concert with the release of a movie based on the book. I was so excited to hear that because I remember reading POPE JOAN awhile back and thinking it was just a fantastic novel. In fact, I actually ran across the book a few years ago and bought it for my sister and mother to read -- they both enjoyed it too in case you were wondering.

I just want to share with you a really neat contest that is going on right now surrounding the book and film release. Here's the scoop straight from Ms. Cross' website:

Join me and my family as we walk the red carpet on the night of the Pope Joan movie premiere!

... Includes two tickets to the movie premiere, plus round trip airfare for two from any location in the continental United States or Canada,and one night hotel accommodation for you to share with your guest.

Simply buy a new, Three Rivers Press/Crown Publishing paperback edition of Pope Joan during the months of June or July 2009 and send me the original receipt. In August, I'll pick randomly from the pile of receipts to select someone and their guest to join me at the U.S. movie premiere in the fall (exact date still to be determined).

Random House


Barnes and Noble

Additional Online Sellers

Here is how to submit your entry:

Buy a new copy of Pope Joan online (see above)or at a bookstore in June or July 2009. Make sure your receipt lists the title and date clearly.

Enclose the receipt with:
your name
your location
your phone number
email address

(Don't forget the contact information, or I won't be able to reach you if you are selected!) Mail your dated receipt with the title of the book, and your contact information to:

c/o Jean V.Naggar Literary Agency
216 East 75th Street
New York, New York 10021

Want more than one chance to win?

Multiple book purchases will each count as an entry (i.e, five books count as five entries, for I'll duplicate your receipt five times).

Remember, only receipts for purchase of new copies of the Three Rivers Press/Crown Publishing paperback edition of Pope Joan will be entered.

Receipts must be received by August 15th. We're sorry, but we cannot be responsible for delays by the post office. The drawing will take place on Monday, August 17th and the winner will be notified right away.

I'll announce the winner in my August 2009 Email Update and also on book blogs. Whoever the winner is, I look forward to meeting you and your guest at the premiere!

I think this sounds like an incredible opportunity, and I encourage everyone to go out and buy this book! In fact, why not make POPE JOAN a future selection for your book club? There is a very thought-provoking discussion guide available; and Ms. Cross loves to join in on the conversation -- you can read all about how to make a request here.

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