Friday, April 25, 2008

Review: Mr. Fooster Traveling on a Whim

Summary: Mr. Fooster seems like your average fellow, albeit one who travels with an old bottle of bubble soap. One Tuesday morning, however, he takes us into a rich and vivid world unlike any we've seen before—a world where questioning your assumptions can set you free. Heading out the door with no particular place to go, Mr. Fooster is led by his boundless curiosity to reflect on questions like why is it you never see baby pigeons, and who figured out how to eat artichokes? Mr. Fooster shows us that pondering the little things in life can be a reward unto itself.

The pairing of Tom Corwin's lyrical prose and Craig Frazier's enchanting illustrations create a world where believing is seeing. MR. FOOSTER TRAVELING ON A WHIM is the perfect gift book for anyone looking to escape the rigid confines of reality. Take a vacation you’ll never forget and explore a realm of wonders and possibilities with Mr. Fooster. -- random house

MR. FOOSTER TRAVELING ON A WHIM, written by Tom Corwin and illustrated by Craig Frazier, is a very quick, enjoyable read. It is extremely short, a little over 100 pages; and half of those pages are illustrations (in fact, the cover of the book says that it is a "visual novel.") I thoroughly enjoyed the story of a man taking a very unique journey and realizing that you should always keep an open mind to truly appreciate life.

I especially love the messages in this book about living your life to the fullest and appreciating every moment. I think how the author presented these ideas is extremely creative and very special. The story is part fable - part dream - part magical - and part mythical which should appeal to a wide variety of people. I'm not sure that my 8 1/2 year old would fully understand the deeper meaning of the story, but I think that this book definitely would be enjoyed by children as well as adults.

I thought Craig Frazier's illustrations in this book were amazing; and they definitely enhanced my enjoyment of the story. I actually read the book twice because I felt that I didn't really appreciate the illustrations the first time through. To get a sneak peak of the drawings as well as a sneak peek of the first couple of chapters, check out the Mr. Fooster website.

MR. FOOSTER TRAVELING ON A WHIM is a delightful book with a wonderful message about life. I think it would make a wonderful gift for a graduate (if it's not coming out too late.) It will be available to everyone on June 17th.

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Sounds interesting. I think I'll check it out when in arrives in bookstores.