Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tips for Conducting an Author Chat

If you are like me, I was a little intimidated about the idea of talking to an author. I read the book twice and worked on questions for hours. The thought of talking to an actual "celebrity" had me pretty anxious, but the author (Lori Lansens who wrote THE GIRLS) was extremely gracious and very interesting. The minute my book club hung up the phone, we were so excited that we immediately wanted to schedule more chats. We are now averaging about one a month. Now that I have a few under my belt I feel more confident, but I still admit that I get very anxious a few minutes before we start!

I came across this post Book Club Tips for Author Chats on a great blog (Books on the Brain). This is almost exactly the steps that my book club has been following, and I think we've had a lot of success. I can't recommend enough how much these author chats have enhanced our book club experience. We always feel that we get terrific insights into the authors and what they were thinking when they wrote these books.


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out! I've put you on my blogroll.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I had asked Lisa to write that post since my book club will be hosting a author chat in February. Love your blog by the way. I am assuming you live in NJ since you wrote about vacationing at the Jersey shore. I am located in Northern NJ, and am also an avid reader and knitter.